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Car OBD data display console

Arduino-driven display console for car

RyanM415 built an Teensy 3.6 powered car display using an on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) adapter from Freematics and a 7″ TFT LCD from Adafruit. The display has two pages: one shows

DIY ultrasound imaging system development kit

DIY Ultrasound imaging

This DIY Ultrasound Imaging development kit is kelu124‘s entry to Hackaday 2017 prize and is equipped for imaging, based on two ad-hoc ultrasound boards, a Raspberry, a custom ADC, and

Arduino Process Controller

Relays and Triacs controller to support homebrewing

Andy Brown is fond of beers and he loves homebrewing. To automate the temperature control required for fermentation and conditioning process, he designed a process-controller based on Arduino processor that

Wifi/BLE enabled 4WD robot platform

ESP32 based IoT 4WD robot platform

Stefan designed an IoT enabled, compact and modular, 4-wheel drive robot platform powered by ESP32. It is controllable over WiFi and BLE. As controller board an ESP32 Thing board is used

Arduino cellphone signal booster

Arduino cellphone signal booster

Tecwyn Twmffat built an Arduino-based Cell Phone 4G Signal Booster. Living on an island in the middle of nowhere, mobile/cell phone reception can be rather intermittent and it seems that there

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STM32’s internal RTC

A Real Time Clock (RTC) is a timing element dedicated for keeping time. In many applications, especially where precise timed-operations are needed to be performed, a RTC is a very