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Zerophone: A Pi-powered DIY mobile phone

ZeroPhone: A Pi-powered DIY mobile phone

We have seen Arduino-powered cellphones before. Arsenijs introduces ZeroPhone– a Raspberry Pi Zero powered DIY mobile phone that costs less than $50 in parts. It is mostly open-source and linux-powered. It supports

Arduino-base object detection and alarm system

A very basic object detection and alarm system using Arduino

Dejan Nedelkovski from HowToMechatronics illustrates the use of HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor in object detection, and its application for making a very basic password-protected Arduino-based security/alarm system. The project uses an

ESP8266 garage door opener

ESP8266 garage door opener and data logger

This ESP8266 controlled garage door opener activates the garage switch via commands send over an web browser. In addition, it also records the activities to a Google Sheet using the services.

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STM32’s internal RTC

A Real Time Clock (RTC) is a timing element dedicated for keeping time. In many applications, especially where precise timed-operations are needed to be performed, a RTC is a very