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ESP8266 smart volumeter

ESP8266 volumeter

This ESP8266-based IoT volumeter measures the volume of an open space inside an enclosure using ultrasonic sensors. Three HC-SR04 ultrasonic transceivers are placed orthogonally to measure distances (width, height and

Pool water quality monitor

Water quality monitor for your pool

Are you tired of checking the pH level and chlorine concentration of water in your swimming pool everyday? This Pool Buddy project from Johan Brichau might be helpful for you to

ESP8266 radio station

ESP8266 internet radio

Tom Tobback built an ESP8266 internet radio based off Edzelf’s excellent Esp-radio project. It uses NodeMCU ESP8266 board for connecting to various internet radio stations and the VS1053 module for

Arduino guitar pedal

Arduino guitar pedal

This Arduino-based multi-effect guitar pedal is an open source design for guitarists and hackers. The design is made simple and customizable so that you can program it to make your

Flexible smartwatch using e-ink display

Flexible smartwatch using e-ink display

Nick Ames aims to build a thin and flexible smartwatch with a wrap-around touchscreen display made of a 4.9″, 720×120 EPD (e-ink) screen. Besides time telling, the smartphone also features health

Self-balancing robot

Making a self-balancing robot using Arduino

Two-wheel self-balancing robots are pretty cool and could be challenging to make for beginners. Joop Brokking describes the build process of his amazingly stable self-balancing robot in a video tutorial posted below.

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STM32’s internal RTC

A Real Time Clock (RTC) is a timing element dedicated for keeping time. In many applications, especially where precise timed-operations are needed to be performed, a RTC is a very